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An introduction by our CEO, Adrien.

It started with frustration.

I was trying to fit out my bedroom in Auckland but couldn’t find any furniture off the shelf that suited. Most of the desks, lamps and beds I saw in stores were bland, boring and unoriginal. The pieces I did like were either too big or too small for my space. All of them were made by machines in factories and built to last a few years, not a lifetime.

So I decided to build my own.

A rimu floor lamp at first, then a herb planter, and then a trestle table. My friends and family were intrigued. Then they began asking me to build them furniture and I realised I wasn’t the only the one who had faced the frustrations of furniture shopping.

Above: My floor lamp creation.

As I built more furniture, I realised that this was something people wanted: furniture to fit their style and space. You don’t buy your home from a store or catalogue, so why should you buy your furniture that way?

The idea for Bamtino Bespoke came soon after. New Zealand has a wealth of incredibly talented craftspeople and furniture makers but unless you know these people, they’re difficult to find. My friend Jonathan Wong and I decided to go ahead and build Bamtino: the ultimate platform to connect people to makers.

Above: Me, Adrien on the left, and Jonathan (right).

So here it is. Thanks for joining us! We’re so pleased to have you. We love hearing from people who have furniture made, furniture makers, or just anyone with an interest in what we’re doing. Please get in touch with thoughts and comments, or just say hello!

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